Nyugati square stands before an amazing change
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Dec 5, 2014

After last week's article about Széll Kálmán Square, now we present another public space to renew in Budapest. This place is the surrounding area of Nyugati Railway Station, which - despite its central position - had been in horrible condition.

But now, it can be an oasis-like space if the plans come to live. It’s planned to demolish the bazaar row, and there will be plants and benches instead to create the peaceful atmosphere: landscape architects want to make a real meeting point from one of the busiest and most neglected squares of the city.


The renovation of Nyugati Square is long-awaited project, the design plans had already been demonstrated more than a year ago, and the district obtained 295.5 million HUF to realize the project. The renewal plans of the square are very promising: they want to establish a clear, spacious room, which could be a true meeting point of Budapest articulate with resting zones. The two main elements of the renovation are the demolition of the footbridge that connects Skála-Metró department store with the overpass, and the reconstruction of the stairs leading to the subway.

photo: www.facebook.com

In doing so, they eliminate the stall line emerged before Skála and in the meantime, the stairs leading to the subway become smaller as well. New paving, street furniture, and also a new light bar will take place at the new area. And the resulting, much cleaner overall picture will be completed with green plants, what the city has great need for.

The narrow areas will be wider; the unfavorable structures will be demolished, and some now open-air places will be covered. In addition to the stairs leading to the ground floor from the underpass, they also tear down the first floor terrace of Skála.

photo: www.facebook.com

According to the official description, the restructuring of the square is intended to fit the pedestrians’ needs, the traffic calming standpoints, while it will comply with the criteria of transparency, functionality and aesthetics. The smaller works of demolition have already begun, but the structure building begins only in February 2015. In the optimistic scenario, Nyugati could be ready for the beginning of summer 2015.

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