Hungarian director between Grammy nominees
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Dec 16, 2014

Nimród Antal is nominated for filming the Metallica concert movie.

Nimród Antal may reach that only very few Hungarian: his film “Through the Never” has got among the five best works of next year's Grammy awards in "Best Music Film" category. It won’t be an easy ride to win: Antal has to defeat – among others – the maker of Beyonce and Jay Z's song, “On The Run Tour”, Jonas Åkerlund; and Paul Dugdale, who is nominated for Coldplay’s Ghost Stories.

The 3D concert film is a mixture of a classical concert film and a fiction movie. Its visual world praises the photography work of Gyula Pados, the also world-famous and also Hungarian cinematographer. According to the story a young messenger, Trip delivers packages for Metallica, but one evening brings unexpected turn. Metallica just start rumble on stage when Trip assigned to an urgent task. The real action starts only from now: what seems to be a smooth freight at the beginning turns into a quite amazing, surreal adventure, naturally accompanied with the again and again appearing music of Metallica.


“Through the Never” is the fourth American film of the director Nimród Antal, who, in Hungary became known and recognized after the success of “Kontroll” (the film that won – among many others - Gold Hugo Award on Chicago International Film Festival and Audience Award on Philadelphia International Film festival) in 2004.

The Grammy Award ceremony will be held on February 8, 2015, the full list is available at:

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