Gingerbread town in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Dec 24, 2014

In Hungary, gingerbread is one of the traditional Christmas desserts. Now we can find it not only on the dining table but in form of a small gingerbread town, built in Bálna Budapest, too.  

Gingerbread town was opened on 16 December in Bálna Budapest, and is already called one of the sweetest Christmas programs in Budapest by lots of people. The small town, built entirely from gingerbread offers a great program for children and grownups, as well: it makes us feel the Christmas spirit – and the desire to eat some gingerbread – even more, and of course we won’t want to stop admiring the town, enlightened beautifully.

Viewed from a distance, it is really nice, but from close enough we can see that its details are precisely worked out, as well. We can see reindeers, penguins waiting for the train, croissant in the window of a bakery, fresco on the wall of the train station, or for example snowmen queuing for some hot chocolate. We can enjoy these details, just like the feeling of being a child again there.

This special exhibition can be visited between 16 December and 16 January, every day from 4PM to 7:45PM. It will only stay closed on 24, 25, 26, 31 December and the 1st of January. But if you take a walk there, you can see it through the “glass bubble” in Közraktár Street.

If you would like to visit Gingerbread town in a really special way, try the enlightened Christmas Tram on the line of tram 2. There are other lines, as well, where you can try this specifically enlightened vehicle: on the line of tram 14, 19 and 50, there are also some Christmas Trams.

Check out the schedule of tram 2 and 19 here.

This year, in Budapest there is a Christmas Trolley, too, on the line of trolley 72, and you can try Advent Ship on the Danube, enlightened in a special way, as well.

Did you know?

In Hungary, gingerbread is one of the traditional Christmas desserts you can get. You can hang it to your Christmas tree, as a decoration, like “szaloncukor” (parlour candy), but you can eat it from your plate, too, just like beigli filled with chestnut or poppy seeds.

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