Posted by Eszter Hermann · Jan 5, 2015

Budapest is a very popular destination and a place to start a new life for expats. It’s always worth meeting local people, getting to know the Hungarian culture, but you have a variety of chances in the capital to meet up with other expats as well.


The private network of InterNations helps expats to settle in easily when moving to or living abroad in Budapest. You have to pay a fee to be a member but you can then take full advantage of the events and the messaging services on their website. Being a member, however, is not a criterion for participating; non-members can still take part in the events, but for a higher price. There are about two events a month where you can get to know fellow expatriates in Budapest in a casual way. In addition, there are special groups for ladies’ nights, a wine club or a motorbikers’ club.

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Gift of the Gab

It is a bit different than the expat organizations. It’s basically a speech slam that started back in 2009. It’s called „gift of the gab” because practically anyone can give a prepared speech, but not everyone has the gift of the gab – the ability to get up in front of any audience, anywhere and talk about any subject, completely unprepared. Naturally, you don’t have to stand in front of the audience to attend the events, for most people, it’s probably more fun as member of the audience. You can listen to entertaining speeches and get to know other expats and locals at the interactive events held on random Wednesdays – the next meeting is on 14 January.

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International Meeting Point Budapest

International Meetig Point events, targeted rather toward the young generation, are very popular in Budapest. Erasmus students, coach-surfers as well as locals are all welcome at the regular, free informal events held at the venue of Ankert. You can meet other foreigners and locals and have an excellent chance to practise your English or French. As the introduction on their website says, „…come here to have a Soproni or a Palinka, you are all welcome at International Meeting Point Budapest!”.

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Brody House

The organization of Brody House is a friendly group that focuses on promoting and supporting arts. The club rooms at Brody House and Brody Studios are a hub for expats and local artists, writers and journalists. The venues of the club are used for numerous art, literature, photography events, design and fashion shows. As a member of Brody House, benefits of membership include access to our club rooms open for breakfast, daytime working and meetings as well as members events. They can also attend recitals, wine tastings and creative circles, workshops.

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