LEGO busts in Margaret Island
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jan 8, 2015

There is a new and creative way to replace disappearing metallic statues in Margaret Island, Budapest: the stolen busts of Miklós Izsó and Ödön Fülöp Beck were recreated from LEGO elements.

LEGO was one of our favourite toys, when we were children, but some of us still like playing with it. Just like some artists, although they usually have more reasons to do it then just playing and having fun.

In Budapest, there has been a special initiation using LEGO recently. Young & Rubicam Budapest, LEGO Store Budapest and KOCKAműhely created two busts to replace the stolen ones of Miklós Izsó and Ödön Fülöp Beck at the Artists’ Promenade of Margaret Island.


The busts were made by using more than 16 000 grey LEGO bricks, and were built by Balázs Dóczy, head of KOCKAműhely. The construction took three weeks. The pieces were created with the help of 3D models and the small parts are stuck together, owing to a special weather-resistant glue.

One of the busts weighs 13 kilograms, while the other weighs a whopping 28 kilograms. The statues look really unique and will stay until the arrival of the bronze replicas.

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