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Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jan 9, 2015

Biggest changes in Hungary 2015.

Although there won’t be Internet tax yet, we must come to terms with a lot of change. For example, the free motorway sections around the capital became chargeable, which affects the M0 and the motorways leading to Budapest (M1-M7), except for the Megyeri Bridge and its access roads. Also affecting the traffic, the new highway county sticker is implemented for 5000 HUF, so from now on we can decide to buy only the sticker of the county which we actually want to get through. This is a good choice for those who move regularly in a specific area. And to top it all the Highway Code changes again, so don’t drive routinely in a couple of weeks.

We also have e-road toll, which rised with 5% and carriers also have to endure the idea of the new online commodity tracking system, with which the government hopes to prevent VAT fraud. The minimum wage has increased from the first of January: to 105,000 forints the basic one, and to 122,000 forints the guaranteed minimum wage for graduates. Mihály Varga, Minister of National Economy suggest 3-4% pay rise in the business sector. But on the other hand the upper limit of fringe benefits, a.k.a cafeteria is reduced to 450,000 HUF per year, and over and above 200,000 HUF is may be transferred only through SZÉP card, which means a serious handicapping both to employers and employees.


VAT also changes in several places: cattle, sheep and goat meat’s VAT reduce to 5%, but this does not affect the retail prices, but ones paid by producers. The range of product charge payment obligated goods is also expanding: from now on VAT has to be paid after the "other plastics", chemical products (shower gel, artificial flowers) and office paper.

The social services have been modified: the housing subsidy is enlarged, the family tax benefit has increased and changed, and at the same time, conditions of the family allowance became more stringent: with the introduction of compulsory kindergarten that the State also takes into account, the unjustified absence rule also applies to children in kindergarten age, and after 20 days of absence the family is deprived of the allowance.

And if we are talking about the children: a new Communal Feeding Regulation is also entry into force: it governs the preparation of school and hospital meels how to be served, their nutrients, salt, sugar and fat content, and at the same time it is worth remembering that in these institutions salt and sugar cannot be on the tables either anymore.

The pro-government proposal that produced a great stir is also appears to be occurring: in 2015 they introduce the Sunday closure of big stores and shopping centers. From 15 March it will be illegal to make the employees work on Sundays in this industry, which affects most the multinational companies and the shopping malls, and which means that the people won’t be able to buy anything on their rest day.

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