#NObutton #NOcord #NOcharge
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jan 16, 2015

Groundbreaking e-ink bracelet without battery, from Hungarian designers.

The Hungarian Liber8 team invented an e-paper bracelet, our newest love with changeable pattern. Only need a smart phone, and an app on it, and the hottest thing is that although Tago Arc has electronics in it, but cannot get out of power ever. Because the skillful engineers of Liber8 found out a smart low budget solution: the same components send the image file and the energy to the bracelet.

They didn’t build battery into the bracelet, but a super capacity which stores the energy required to change the image only for a few seconds. Once the image exchange is done, Arc’s electronics switch to sleep mode and no consume power until the next change. Therefore the product requires no charge and operates without buttons and connectors. (Wireless phone chargers are operating with a similar technology, as well as the passive anti-theft chips.)


The most exciting product of the startup is a bracelet, the “tago arc”, but they also created a digital picture frame “tago frame” with the same technology. (Tago stands for 'tag on', a shorter version of their vision of the future with #NObutton#NOcord#NOcharge technologies.) Their products contain e-ink display technologies and an NFC chip that only consumes a tiny amount of energy. And that’s why it won’t be discharged ever. This technology allows the products to operate without any external power source.


Tago arc, their first product is a bracelet comes with a full width e-ink surface display. It has the amazing flexibility of fitting the wearer’s mood and outfit. The user can simply download a picture or create a slogan on his/her smartphone’s tago app and transfer it to his/her wrist without any chord. Tago frame is a simplified digital picture frame that combines the essence of a classic b&w photo and a modern digital frame. Users will be able to experience other frames and different themes by only obtaining one. They combine their physical creations with an app to make it cooler. Tago app comes with a user-friendly picture editor that makes the process of designing and uploading artwork easy for users. We can create our own pictures, download classic b&w pictures onto our tago device or support the tago community and other tago users by purchasing more pictures.


The Hungarian LIBER8 Technology was founded in 2013 to create something that shapes and incorporates the idea of #NObutton #NOcord #NOcharge into the future of technology development. Now, with their soon-to-be invention, this idea appears to be occurring. Hopefully we only have to wait some month: the creators start their Kickstarter project in some week and they plan the mass production in the second part of the year. Can’t wait to wear a new look on our bracelet whenever we want!

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