New piano unveiled in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Feb 12, 2015

Gergely Bogányi’s piano is unique in appearance and in sound, too. It took seven years for the pianist to make it perfect, and the special instrument can be purchased already in the second part of 2015.

A new piano was unveiled on 20 January in Budapest Music Center. It was initially just a dream in the head of the Hungarian pianist, Gergely Bogányi, but after some long discussions with his engineer-constructor friends, his dream could become reality. It was not that easy, though: it took seven years to create the special musical instrument, which is “more human”, as Bogányi said in the press conference where he presented his piano.

Bogányi’s dream was to create an instrument that would be more like those of the early 19th century, but which would also carry greater clarity, and be less sensible to humidity, temperature and other “dangers” for a precious musical instrument. So they used a lot of carbon fibre in his construction. The instrument’s soundboard, the heart and soul of any piano’s sound is made from this material instead of metal or wood, and the result, he says, is a sound that’s more organic than the normal concert grands, but which is more powerful, too.

The piano will be for sale in the second part of this year, and will cost 200 000 Euros, more than 60 million Hungarian forints.

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