2014 was a year of records in Hungarian tourism
Posted by Mia Balogh · Feb 18, 2015

Tourism is a growing sector in the Hungarian economy for already four years, and in 2014, it became even more dominant. Let the numbers and percents talk.

In 2014, 9 million tourists were visiting Hungary. It is not an exaggeration to say that last year was the year of records in this sector of the Hungarian economy – according to the previous years we can see growth in the numbers and percents characterizing this sector. In 2014, compared to 2013, there were 7.2% more tourists who spent 5.4% more nights and 12.4% more money on accommodation in Hungary.

We can get ever more impressive numbers if we compare December 2014 to December 2013: overnight stays of foreign tourists in Hungary increased by almost 15% (14.9%), while room revenues increased by 27.1%. Concerning the domestic tourism, overnight stays were higher, too: the numbers increased by 10.1%, and the room revenues by 18.5% - still compared to December 2013.

Last December, there was hard to find a hotel room in Budapest. And it is also important to mention, that in 2014, Russian tourism declined in Europe, except for two countries, Cyprus and Hungary. These countries managed to increase the number of Russian tourists arriving there – in Hungary this can be possible because of our thermal waters and spas, where Russian tourists really like staying and healing.


There is also an increase in the number of American and Czech tourists arriving to visit Hungary. But most of the foreign tourists coming to Hungary, looking only at the number of guest nights, arrive from Germany with 2 008 068 German tourists visiting Hungary. Austria is the second, with 816 225 tourists, and the third one is Russia with 778 561 Russian tourists coming to Hungary.

The CEO of the Hungarian National Tourist Office, Péter Faragó says that Germany is one of the most important targets for marketing campaigns in tourism, and that they will reach out to the younger generation of Germans, in the future, as well.

Why is Hungary so popular?

In the previous years, there were many investments concerning the spas, the cultural- and entertaining sectors which made Hungary even more attractive for foreign tourists. It is also important that tourists spending their time in Budapest or in the countryside leave Hungary satisfied so they make the country a really attractive destination for their family and friends.

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