Ballerina Project Hungary
Posted by Mia Balogh · Mar 5, 2015

Ballerina Project comes from New York, with the idea of ballet dancers posing in different iconic locations of the world’s famous cities. Dóra Tünde, a Hungarian photographer decided to bring Ballerina Project to Budapest – look at the wonderful result of her efforts.


Ballerina Project Hungary is based on Dane Shitagi's idea to present the magic that resides in the moves of the ballet dancers to the whole world, and to make ballet more popular. Dóra Tünde, creator and photographer of the Ballerina Project Hungary decided to continue Shitagi’s initiative in Budapest, and took photos of ballet dancers at the most iconic locations of the Hungarian capital.

We see the Hungarian ballerinas “freed from their everyday environment” in a whole new light in Dóra Tünde’s Ballerina Project. The dancers of the Operetta Theater and the Opera House, and the students of the Hungarian Dance Academy can be seen posing for example at Heroes’ Square, the Chain Bridge and in various parts of the Metro 4.

There are already more than 100 photos in Ballerina Project Hungary, take a look at some of them.

photos: Dóra Tünde

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