Posted by Eszter Hermann · Mar 21, 2015

Each year, the popular website, its Europe 3-star Traveler Index, a snapshot of the cheapest European cities for budget-travelers. As USA Today reported, this time, Budapest is among the top 10.

The list is based on the daily cost of a well-reviewed three-star hotel room in a central location, two cab rides, entry to a cultural attraction, and three meals and three drinks per day. Budapest, after Bucharest (Romania) being the cheapest, Sofia (Bulgaria), Kiev (Ukraine), Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and St. Petersburg (Russia), is seventh on the list. Krakow (Poland), Belgrade (Serbia) and Split (Croatia) are also on the list, with a slightly more expensive daily cost of living. In the Hungarian capital, the Daily 3-Star Traveler Index is $51.06 (about 14 100 forints

According to the ranking, the city can offer an amazing experience for a relatively cheap price. „Budapest has long been a magnet for budget travelers, and it continues to offer an incredible experience at an affordable price. Get off the tourist track to find authentic and affordable food and hotels, and embrace coffee houses and thermal baths to discover the best of the city” – writes USA Today.

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