Posted by Eszter Hermann · Apr 4, 2015

It is always a good idea to involve the residents of the city in designing their environment, to let them be creative and come up with awesome ideas. That’s what inspired the „Furnish Your City!” Contest, too, and the result: amazing furniture designs for the streets and public places of Budapest.

The aim of the competition was not only to motivate young people to think about their environment and the city they live in, but also to draw attention to the importance of our public places. It was organized jontly by Design Terminal, Hello Wood, Fokert and the Capital Public Area Maintainer and there are 3 categories: school, college and pro. The initiative was as popular as one would expect, there were more than 300 entries submitted.


It was important to be innovative but the jury furthermore took into consideration the community functions of the projects, the sustainability, feasibility and environmental-friendly perspective. Fortunately, a lot of design ideas submitted met these expectations. A group of creative pupils, in their concept named “Our Dream”, re-designed the playground of Karolyi Gardens, with elements such as slides to the benches or jungle gyms. Levente Levai’s design won in the category of university students, with a special type of furniture called Tordu that can replace simple bences in the parks of the capital city.

photo: dailynewshungary.com

You can vote for a design you like, too – the jury nominated 10 works for public vote. You can choose here: www.envarosom.hu until April 17.

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