Plans for the new public clock at Széll Kálmán Square
Posted by Mia Balogh · Apr 16, 2015

The old clock at Széll Kálmán Square was removed, but it will be replaced by a new, modern one – hopefully soon. Take a look at the plans of this clock, and see how the memory of the old one continues to live at the square.

If you have stayed for a while in Budapest, and often have meetings or dates in the Buda-side of the city, we suppose that you have had some appointments at the public clock of Széll Kálmán Square.

More like “used to have” because the old clock was removed, as part of the changes and transformation concerning the square. But the area can’t stay without a public clock so the old, iconic one will be replaced by a new, modern one, designed by Szövetség ’39 group.

The six metres tall, cement version will not only be a simple clock on the square – it will also be an interactive communal point, capable of interaction with the cell phones of the people who cross the square or wait somebody there.

For those who still feel sorry for the old clock, we have some extra good news: the iconic clock will appear at the cement block of the square as a shadow. Of course, we won’t be able to check to time owing to this anymore but it is still a nice gesture from the designers, that they intended to save the memory of it like this.

Check out the visual plans of the new public clock of the Széll Kálmán Square here:



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