The best outdoor museums in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Apr 29, 2015

Are you interested in history, culture and Hungarian traditions, but you don’t want to spend your holiday in between the walls of museum buildings in Budapest? Then we have a good idea: visit these outdoor museums and we are sure that you will have a nice, meaningful time.


In the Roman Empire, when Hungary was mentioned as Pannonia province, Aquincum was the capital of this domain. People used to live in stone houses, and they walked on these roads. Numerous works of art and mosaics were found here, which are on display in an indoor museum here.

Hungarian Railway Museum

If you arrive to Hungary with kids, or if you have a high interest in locomotives and railway history, then don’t miss the Hungarian Railway Museum. This is not only the home of approximately 50 locomotives, but an interactive park, too, which is waiting for the visitors (children and grownups) with many experiences and lots of programs.

Memento Park

The fall of communism dates to 1989 in Hungary. This was the time of changes in every point of view in the country, but also the time of asking some important questions. For example: what to do with the statues placed in the parks and streets during the years spent here by the Russians? The answer was the creation of Memento Park in Buda, where the monumental statues could have found a new home.


Do you like flying? Are you interested in aeroplanes and the history of Hungarian Malév Airlines? If you are, visit Aeropark, right beside the Budapest Airport, where you can see old aeroplanes, some of them from the inside, too, and also a flight simulator and an exhibit of stewardess uniforms.

Garden of Philosophy

The beautiful park is the home of eight sculptures, standing in circles, with great philosophers in the middle of it. Nandor Wagner, the creator of these works of art was born in Transylvania but lived in Japan for a long time, imagined and created these sculptures in the Seventies. He wanted his creations to stand and to be seen in Budapest, so after his death, his wife helped the group of sculptures to get to the park on the Gellért-hill. Garden of Philosophy is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Budapest. It is easy to approach (with buses 8 and 112 from Urania Cinema or from the City), but only a few people come here. But the sculptures are worth seeing, just like the statues of princess Pest and prince Buda, and the amazing panorama, as well.

photo:Photo by László Budai

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