Restaurants equipped with microchip reader
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · May 19, 2015

New program helps stray animals to find home in Budapest.

Terrible feeling to hear about beaten, sick stray animals or God forbid find these animals somewhere on the street. In particular, we do not really know what we should do with them. Does they have owner? Who should I speak to? Or just walk on, because the city's department of streets will solve it? Everyday questions that arise in people's minds when they see abandoned animals.

An entirely new initiative tries to help on this helpless situation: 16 catering units of Budapest have placed microchip readers at their entrance with the help of Vigyél Haza Alapítvány (Take me home Foundation) and by the end of May this number will hopefully reach 25. The organization installs microchip readers in the pet-friendly catering establishments, which can be used by anyone who found straggling animals on the street.

Whit these detached readers the veterinary identifying of stray animals can be easily achieved by a lay person, but volunteer veterinarians also help to find lost pet owners in this ongoing program of the Foundation. (And since the microchip is obligatory for years.)

A unique sticker draws attention to this possibility at the entrance of the participating restaurants and you can find these places via “Vigyél Haza Kutyakereső” (=take me home dog searching) app or here. The hope is that other settlements will follow the example of Budapest, and the situation of orphaned puppies will be resolved throughout the whole country.

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