Buda Park Stage is opened
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jun 8, 2015

Buda Park Stage (Budai Parkszínpad) woke up from a ten-year-long dream on the first of June.

Highly anticipated event happened in the life of Budapest - and especially of the Buda side: the renovation of Buda Park Stage is finally finished. However, the new complex is breaking with the tradition: will not operate as a theater and concert venue any more, rather a real peaceful - sitting outdoor place, with quiet background music, good food, flea markets, yoga and fitness programs.

We checked the new Park Stage: the main facade of the building and most of the walls regained its original butter yellow color during the renovation. There is everything here: bar counter, where grilled dishes are prepared and professional kitchen on the ground floor. They also tidied the garden: landscaped the green spaces all the way through, re-concreted the stepwise designed former auditorium and stretched cool sun sails over it. There aren’t rows of chairs in the spectator area of the former amphitheater, but tables where companies can sit, talk or enjoy a drink.

The parkland section behind the stage is a small separate world with a bar counter. This section accessible through a separate entrance won’t be a VIP area, it remains open to everyone. They recycled the former orchestra pit in a super cute and very smart way: scattered the closed pit with sand so a real children's empire has been established, implementing every parent's (and children’s) dream.

The place still operates in test mode, but knowing the area, the New Buda Park Stage will be a perfect spot for students, mothers and pensioners having their afternoon chit-chat. It was never true that Buda doesn’t have cool places to hang out, but now the west side of the capital is more vivid than ever. Park Stage has the typical relaxed atmosphere of Buda, but 400-600 people can easily live social life in this large, imposing green area. And why shouldn’t they? The place looks very good, airy and spacious, with giant beanbag chairs, 20 percent cheaper prices during the test period and super friendly service.


About the Buda Park Stage:

It is (and always was) a cultural entertainment venue in the 11th district of Budapest on Kosztolányi Dezső square, next to the Lake Feneketlen (”Bottomless”). It was built in 1958 and mainly operetta and floor shows could be seen here until 1966. It closed in 2005, in the following years stood empty, its state gradually deteriorated. The reconstruction began in the summer of 2014.

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