Hungarians lead the world’s smartest
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jun 30, 2015

Mensa, the world organization of the smartest people has Hungarian president and professional leader for two years.

Mensa, the organization of the smartest people elected Bibiána Balanyi as Chairman. Which is a huge thing, because - in addition, of course, that she’s a Hungarian woman – Bibiána Balanyi is the youngest leader of the international organization ever, and the third woman who ever won this position.

Mensa, this international association is seeking for the most intelligent people. It has member organizations in 46 countries worldwide, but there are Mensa-members in further 30 countries around the world. The only criterion for membership is the far above-average intelligence level: you must surpass the 98 per cent of people to get in.

Bibiána may have become the organization's head for the next two years because she led the Hungarian Mensa organization for ten years, during which period she managed to build a good relationship with the Mensa-leaders in other countries. And she also had the support of the Hungarian Mensa-members behind herself.

However, there has been another professionally outstanding Hungarian related event in the organization's life: they chose a Hungarian expert for professional leader as well in the person of Kristóf Kovács. Kristóf will help Bibiána Balanyi and the organization's work as a supervising psychologist, which means that both the professional and organizational leadership will be in Hungarian hands from 1 July in the organization counting 130 thousand outstanding-IQ-members. Congratulations to both of them!

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