Beach, nature, food and drink ... Kopaszi!
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jul 20, 2015

Fresh and innovative development took place in the previously neglected area of South-Buda in the past few years, resulting a new public park, the Kopaszi dam.

Although Budapest is built in waterfront, but gives very little opportunity to enjoy the proximity of the Danube. One of these few opportunities is Kopaszi dam, which is located in the southern part of the Buda side, under the Rákóczi Bridge. It’s one of the most popular recreational venues and not by chance. Here can be found everything what it takes to relax. Small restaurants, cafes, terraces and playgrounds were also placed in the ten-hectare green area in the beautiful waterside environment.

Among our favorite restaurants there are Le Bistro, Café Ponyvaregény, Veranda Restaurant - Pasta & Pizza and Pelikán Gátőrház Büfé. Well, I can’t really decide. Each one is a small, unique world, with special atmosphere, so here is what I suggest: walk around the dam before choosing the right restaurant and listen to your heart. Each place is very inviting, so it won’t be easy to decide. There's also a playhouse for the kids and a running circuit, which unfairly gets much less attention than the one on Margaret Island.

In addition, the flora and fauna of Kopaszi dam is diverse beyond expectations. It’s not enough to show up such “big city animals”, as crows and pigeons and of course, wild ducks, but last year the press was crazy about the beaver of the Kopaszi dam, because a beaver family has moved in this neighborhood. But my personal favorite is a white bunny. His owners bring him here to walk, just like dogs: in a harness for the maximum cuteness.

And if we haven’t sufficiently emphasized: there is direct connection to the Danube. The creators made a small sandy beach in addition to the terraced lawn, where although it’s forbidden to swim in the river (it’s prohibited everywhere in Budapest), but we can dip our feet into it. Otherwise, the opening of certain sections of the Danube shore is a topic of discussion in the city administration for many years, so maybe we don’t have to wait long.

Until then the dam is also venue for fairs and festivals from time to time. For example, the next event is Yoga Picnic on 07 July. Kopaszi dam is the ideal place for walks and play with our family, it’s a perfect dating venue with our love, and of course, we can play sports or just relax as well. From spring to autumn it’s a safe bet for recreation. If you are curious about it, come and see in person or walk through the scene virtually:

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