The funniest education ever
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Aug 4, 2015

Jokes and pop cultural allusions appear in the educative campaign of the Budapest Transport Centre.

BKK, the transport company of the Hungarian capital came out with a surprisingly refreshing and witty poster campaign this summer. We all know by heart that to litter, eat and disturb fellow passengers are strictly prohibited on vehicles, but the practice is different. Obviously we are not alone with this situation, but there’s an image (and this is what we think of ourselves too) that Budapest misses the travel culture.

There have been attempts to similar, educational campaign several times, but they haven’t been successful due to the too formal and cautious wording. But BKK’s summer campaign is not calling the attention for the already known rules in the usual, unsalted, teacher-like voice. The posters placed in tram stops and on vehicles raise awareness of basic rules of public transport and of paying attention to each other with bilingual posters that attack with killer gags and pop culture allusions. And extra points are awarded for managing to smuggle a bit of playfulness everywhere in the pure design: here's a letter ‘o’ from loudspeaker, there’s a dog being too keen on chicken legs… It worth to take a closer look to all posters.

You can find the large street posters in our gallery, but there are also some smaller ones on tram 4-6 as well. Here you can meet messages that refuse the existence of tram festival and even McDonald's golden arcade appears. How do you like it?

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