Cool programs for the dog days in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Aug 10, 2015

Beat the heat! In our recent article, we give you some tips how to make the dog days bearable, and even enjoyable in the city.

Summer in the city doesn’t mean that you should stay all day long in your hotel room or in an air-conditioned shopping mall. There are plenty of “cool”, refreshing programs you can choose from, even in these dog days, when the temperatures are around 35-37 deg. Celsius – let us give you some examples.

Sightseeing? Choose the boat!

If you have just arrived to Budapest, and you would like to see the city, we suggest you to choose one of the sightseeing boats on the Danube, instead of walking or taking one of the bus tours. On a boat trip, you will see the city in a different way, especially if you choose the night cruise.

Culture is cool.

Churches and museums are always popular among the tourists who arrive to Budapest, but these places can be really crowded in these days, because in these buildings it is usually cooler than outside. Our tip: visit Budapest History Museum and Matthias Church in Buda Castle or St. Stephen’s Basilica, where you can enjoy an awesome view from a panorama lookout and regularly organized organ concerts, as well.

Ice cream or beer? Yes, please.

In Budapest, you have great possibilities to refresh yourself – we have nice breweries, small restaurants and ice cream parlours, where you can buy something cold to drink or to eat. Some spots in the city even have vapour cooling, what makes you feel better within a very short time. Our tip: drink a good beer in one of the best breweries of Budapest or enjoy a sweet treat in Popsi.

Beaches and waterslides

Besides the historic thermal spas like for example Széchenyi Bath, there are several outdoor beaches that are worth exploring in the dog days in Budapest, for example the Palatinus in Margaret Island, where you can find refreshment in 11 pools. Or would you like to have a little bit more adventure? Then choose a beach where you can find cool waterslides. Our tip is Aquarena, the sizeable water park right at the Hungaroring race track in Mogyoród, not far from Budapest. With its 26 slides and the all day long entertainment it promises we think that it is really worth a short travelling!

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