Renovation of metro M3 goes according to plans
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Oct 12, 2015

Although worrisome news came last week about the slippage of the M3 renovation, the president and CEO of BKV refuted and said: everything is proceeding according to plans.

There are plenty of change and development in the Hungarian capital nowadays. The renewed Nyugati square has just been opened; the reconstruction of Széll Kálmán Square lasts until early next year, and the complete renovation of metro line M3 has just started. In the complex reconstruction of the line wagons, stations, escalators, passenger information system will be renewed just as the insulation of the tunnel, the info-communication system, safety equipment, lighting and ventilation system.

The Russian Metrowagonmash renovates 37 assemblies for 66 billion forint under the tender. The deadline for renewal is 31 December 2018; the total net cost of the infrastructure-renewal is 125 billion forint. The first trains may arrive in 16 to 18 months, and then 2 assemblies come in every month after the successful trials of the prototypes. So the deadline is far away, but the news about the possible slippage came to light. On the one hand because the Russian company has not started the renovation of the subway cars yet, on the second hand because some unforeseen problems emerged in the already renovated section: leakage and sinking.

The president and CEO of BKV, however, refuted the news and said: renovation of metro line M3 will not slip. As Tibor Bolla said: the first cars haven’t been removed yet, it’s true, but the contract declares the deadline, not the starting time. Now the engineers are preparing to take the first trains, take them apart, and then start the reconstruction. According to the President and CEO it’s realistic that the first trains will be ready in time for Christmas 2016. Then follows the series production and most of the refurbished assemblies is expected to arrive in 2017.

With regard to the structural problems Bolla said the contractors have to open up the top of the metro tunnel because of the necessary waterproofing works, but the tunnel is not in bad shape for his age. And how will the longest and busiest Metro line look like after the renovation? According to the promises it will be quieter, faster and safer, although not much will change at first sight. Except for the renovated subway cars which will get a retro-styled design to put it mildly. Or a bit harder: they will be as ugly as they are now. But we do not want to judge, different strokes for different folks; furthermore, we’d excuse everything to a safe and convenient metro.

The subway cars will look like this after the renovation.

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