4 top baths and pools in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jun 24, 2016

We hope that this summer will abound in hot days so we can look for some refreshment in the best baths and pools of our capital.

Lukács Thermal Bath

Offering eight pools, the outdoor ones surrounded by a small park, Lukács Thermal Bath is ideal place for you to find some refreshment in the dog days. If you like “Magic Bath Parties” and you would like to know how these can match up with a bath founded centuries ago, than you should visit Lukács Bath. As we have already mentioned, it has a rich historical background: monastery baths were built in this area as early as the 12th century, the first spa hotel was built in the 1880’s, a drinking cure hall was added in 1937, and a daytime hospital was established in 1979. At the end of the 20th century, the thermal bath was thoroughly renovated and all facilities were modernised.

Széchenyi Bath

If you visit Hungary, we are sure that Széchenyi Bath is absolutely on your must-see list. The award-winning complex awaits everyone with 11 pools – you can discover a swimming pool, a leisure pool and a sitting pool too. This can be your favourite place if you are arriving with children and family, and even if you are searching for some fun in addition to the refreshment. Our tip: every weekend, you can find cool party programs here, check out http://www.spartybooking.com/ for the details.

Palatinus Beach

Would you like to spend a day at one of the largest pool complexes in Budapest - and one of the most beautiful, undoubtedly? Than visit Palatinus: this beach can be easily found at Margaret Island and provides all-day fun for you, your family and friends. It has 11 pools, for example a wave pool and some others with different fun elements. Sometimes, especially in the weekends it can be crowded but it is absolutely worth visiting at least once!

Dagály Beach

First opened in 1948, Dagály is still a classic Hungarian beach and bath, offering services not only in summer but all year round. Among its 10 pools, there are also adventure, children and wave pools. This place is equally ideal for you if you arrive with family or a group of friends – we are sure that you will always receive a hot summer experience: real beach atmosphere, programs, crowd and the Hungarian food specialty: the “lángos”. Our tip: use your Budapest Card for some discount.

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