Boys of the Hungarian football team
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jun 27, 2016

Not only they play brilliantly, the Hungarian football players are so hot!

What the Hungarian national football team presented on the 2016 European Championship we barely can believe. Everyone (even the international trade press) call our ‘boys the surprise team of the European Championship’. Let's see those 23 guys, who turned every Hungarian woman into football fanatic amazons. Before we immerse in the details, here is the full national team with Bernd Storck head coach in the lead:

And here are the boys one by one:

Balázs Dzsudzsák (7), forward / captain

(age: 29, height: 179 cm)

Dániel Böde (13), forward

(age: 29, height: 185 cm)

Zoltán Gera (10), forward

(age: 37, height: 183 cm)

Krisztián Németh (11), forward

(age: 27, height: 180 cm)

Nikolić Nemanja (17), forward

(age: 28, height: 180 cm)

Tamás Priskin (19), forward

(age: 29, height: 189 cm)

Ádám Szalai (9), forward

(age: 28, height: 193 cm)

Dénes Dibusz (12), goalkeeper

(age: 25, height: 188 cm)

Péter Gulácsi (22), goalkeeper

(age: 26, height: 190 cm)

Gábor Király (1), goalkeeper

(age: 40, height: 190 cm)

Barnabás Bese (21), defender

(age: 22, height: 188)

Attila Fiola (5), defender

(age: 26, height: 182)

Richárd Guzmics (20), defender

(age: 29, height: 190 cm)

Roland Juhász (23), defender

(age: 32, height: 194cm)

Tamás Kádár (4), defender

(age: 26, height: 188cm)

Mihály Korhut (3), defender

(age: 27, height: 181)

Ádám Lang (2), defender

(age: 23, height: 185cm)

Ádám Pintér (16), defender

(age: 28, height: 190cm)

Ákos Elek (6), midfield

(age: 27, height: 193 cm)

László Kleinheisler (15), midfield

(age: 22, height: 173 cm)

Gergő Lovrencsics (14), midfield

(age: 27, height: 177 cm)

Ádám Nagy (8), midfield

(age: 21, height: 178 cm)

Zoltán Stieber (18), midfield

(age: 27, height: 175 cm)


I don't know what secret football has that such handsome men play it... The editors are in love a bit.

Bye bye!

photos:, instagram, facebook

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