„Backyard market” opened in downtown Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Sep 20, 2016

They sell vegetable plants, natural jewelry, culinary delights and home decor stuff; and the market is intended to be a community space as well next to its original function.

Fortunately, being green is more and more popular thing for the big city people. We have written about community gardens, packaging-free shop, and recycled design and here comes the newest thing: it was the third time they organized a „backyard” market in Budapest. The name originally came from the things that people would plant in their garden: you can buy here tomatoes and peppers seedling, for example, but don’t be so hasty.

’I was dreaming about such a market for some time – said the organizer, Andrea Farkas. – There was no such place in Budapest at all. Because this market is not only a place to shop. We not only sell plants, flowers, culinary delights, natural jewelry, home accessories, and decorations, but try to create a community space and an event as well. We intend to give inspiration to people. Experts and enthusiastic implementers give advice and lectures, you can talk to the representatives of non-governmental organizations and get advice and information from them.’

Photo: facebook.com/kiskertpiac/

The event takes place in Anker’t (1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 33.) every Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. Last Sunday Hungarian Ornithological Association, Heroes of responsible dining, and the „Gold of Balcony” association was present as guest. The main thing is always the same: keep the green aspects in mind. The exhibitors and vendors are farmers and designers who understand the importance of sustainable thinking and recycling; they inspire from nature and use natural raw materials in their work.

At this green market every kind of plants, flowers and herb are available, including some non-native specialties. The gastronomic offer has several variations of chili, truffle and honey products, excellent juices, jams, special basil teas, pesto, edible flowers, scented soaps, and even chocolate including real fruit. The design section has jewelry made of plants, canvas bags with floral motifs and vintage-style boards as well. It really is a place you must visit. We had no idea how many opportunities are in the „green lifestyle” until we tried. And we think you’ll be the same.

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