The perfect hiding place for men
Posted by Budnews · Nov 16, 2016

„Man cave” opened in Budapest.

If we’re talking about places for men or leisure activities for men, you might think about some kind of night club or other 18+ activity. But now we’re not talking about these places. Rehab is a 3-in-1 concept, which creates ideal place to hide in this hectic world, because Rehab is a barber shop, a clothes shop and a restaurant in one place!

According to the founders’ creed, men do their business in a different way. They like to shop in a different way and prefer barbers to hairdresser salon. Rehab not only adapts to their needs, but also fully satisfies them.

- It’s a barber shop: smell of wax and testosterone in the air, comfy leather seats and a laid-back atmosphere. Only for men!

- The shop has brands that no one else in Hungary: Stance socks, and Saxx underwear, and they also have skateboards and sunglasses.

- The only unit, where woman are allowed to step in is the restaurant. There are breakfast and lunch menu, and since the owners are enthusiastic bikers, every dish includes the least amount of sugar and gluten, but sufficient amount of carbohydrates to provide the energetic start to the day.

If you’re a man… I think you’re not here anymore, because you’re on the way to Rehab. If you get this far in reading despite being a woman, we recommend only one thing: next time start your shopping trip in Rehab, leave Daddy here, and enjoy day. He’ll be grateful!

Address: 1053 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 13.

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