Astrophysics for toddlers - Book review
Posted by Budnews · Nov 22, 2016

Yes, it’s exactly what it seems.

Little Prince’s fox doesn’t tell romantic stories about its star anymore, but tells us about its molecular structure. Basically that’s the point of a new book about astrophysics, which would introduce science to the youngest age group. And it means literally the youngest: children between 3-5 years. The trend is clear: since The Big Bang Theory series, it’s getting cooler to be smart, geek, scientist and all alike, and now not only mainstream culture is open to these things, but someone would like to open physics up to a whole new target audience.

A Hungarian guy, Róbert Farkas wrote a picture book for children about astrophysics. The colorful and richly illustrated book tells about the science to the 3-5 age group. The planned three-volume series unfolds the big bang theory, black holes, quantum physics and string theory as well. Put your hands up, if you know what these things are.

We neither, but the good thing is that this book, ‘Clever Fox's Tales about the Universe’ simplifies these incomprehensibly complicated theories to the smallest ones. The three booklets (10 pages each) introduce these theories based on everyday experience. Now the author collects money on indiegogo to start the printing and we hope he’ll make it because we could use a copy of it as well…

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