Top 5 big cities from where visiting Budapest is cool and easy
Posted by Mia Balogh · Nov 30, 2016

No borders, no boundaries: it is worth travelling a little bit more from these big cities in neighbour countries (or from a little bit further) to see the fascinating Budapest.

Crossing the borders was not so easy a couple of years ago (and still isn’t in some parts of our planet) but nowadays in Europe you can arrive from a country to another without even noticing. Why not use this for more travel? Especially if you are planning a trip to one of those capitals/ big cities, so close to Budapest. Let us show you why it’s worth visiting Budapest from these beautiful metropolises: Vienna, Bratislava, Prague, Zagreb or Milan.


A lot of people travel to Vienna from Budapest to see the local Advent and Christmas Fair, de so-called Christkindlmarkt. Why not try the contrary of it, travel from Vienna to Budapest? You can make it a one day trip, by arriving in the morning and travelling back in the evening. It depends on you, if you choose the train or the bus, it takes approximately three hours to arrive from Vienna to Budapest with both.


From Bratislava, Budapest is even closer than from Vienna. If you have something to read, some good music or a funny fellow traveller, you won’t even notice how the 2 hours and 42 minutes will pass between the two capital cities. This can also be a one-day trip for you.


If you would like to compare Prague and Budapest – some people say that these capital cities are so similar –, then it is the most beautiful time of the year to fulfil the dream. Come for two or three days, and visit the most beautiful sights and Christmas fairs and in the end we are sure that you won’t regret it.


Zagreb is the beautiful capital and the largest city of Croatia, but if you can’t resist the desire to see the amazing sights of Budapest – from Buda Castle and Matthias Church to the Parliament building, ruin pubs or Christmas fairs –, you catch a train in the not so early morning (10 AM) and arrive in Budapest in the afternoon (4:15 PM). We suggest you to plan a two- or three-day trip, unless you fly back home from Hungary on the night of your arrival.


The city of Milan is not as close as Bratislava for example, but you can get to Budapest from there with really cheap flights in 1 hour 40 minutes. You can arrive with the first rays of light and travel back on the same day, in the evening. We are sure that a trip like that, full of amazing experiences is worth getting up early and going to bed late!

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