What would you change in Budapest?
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jan 5, 2017

See our compilation below and then the ball is on your court: add your ideas to the list in the comment section.

2017 is here so it’s time for some new year resolutions or to think through what we would change in our lives. Or, in this case, in our city. We have some ideas – see these accumulated in the following article – but can’t wait to see your thoughts.

1. We would welcome some changes in the public transport of Budapest, for example more information in English about all the vehicles, more barrier-free vehicles, more metro lines and more “special” vehicles. Just think of the Christmas tram and Christmas trolley. Isn’t it fun? And why do we have to wait for another year to enjoy the magic again? Why can’t we travel on an Easter tram or on a “summer fun trolley”? ;)

2. More free parking lots, and in the pay zones, slower parking attendants would be awesome, as well. ;) We don’t want to lose green areas for the sake of new parking lots, we would prefer the city to make some pay zones free. We know, it is impossible but everybody has the right to dream.

3. Barrier-free buildings are good for everyone, and their presence means that nobody has to miss any opportunity in life. That’s priceless!

4. There are a lot of amazing old (sometimes dilapidated) buildings in the city, for example near Keleti Railway Station, on Thököly road and Rákóczi Avenue. The renovation of these would be great, just like some really good ideas what to do with these edifices after.

5. The streets are already cleaner and Hungarian people smile more at each other and at the tourists than a couple of years ago, but we still hope for some improvement in these fields.

6. We hope that one day, we “magyars” will become looser (not losers) and more spontaneous. For example, we will not only smile back but – let’s dream big – participate spontaneously in some funny situations going on in the street (like for a YouTube video, TV program, social experiment, etc.) or just start dancing anywhere where we hear music.

7. And last but not least: let’s hope that in 2017, we all in Budapest and in Hungary forget how to complain because it is so irritating (yes, even for us who grew up like this). So let’s focus on all the positive things, like living in a beautiful city – even if it’s not perfect. Happy new year to y’all!

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