Top 5 special cafés for animal lovers in Budapesten
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jan 9, 2017

Are you a fan of coffee and animals? We have an idea how to enjoy both of your passions: visit these ‘purrfect’ cafés in Budapest, and have a good time!


Cats and cafés are popular in Budapest, so are cat cafés. You can find one, the first under the name ‘Cat Café Budapest’ under 3 Révay Street, near St. Stephen’s Basilica. Here you can enjoy your drinks and special cakes as much as the company of a dozen cats. The other one is called Catcafe (Macskakávézó in Hungarian), and it can be found in the 7th district, in 38 Damjanich Street. They have fix prices: for 1750 HUF you can drink tea, coffee, sodas without limitations, and you can also enjoy a piece of cake. There is no time limit so you can stay as long as you like it there, having fun with the four beautiful cats of the café.

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Zoo Café

If you would like to share your table with some more extraordinary creatures, then Zoo Café can be the best choice for you. Hungary’s first animal café offers you the possibility to enjoy a non-alcoholic drink or a cake while the staff brings you some extra guests like rabbits, hamsters, lizards, snake or chameleons for company. These small animals spend a few minutes by every table so if you have a favourite, just wait until it comes to you. Two short advices left: book a table (it is extremely popular) and spend at least two hours here (it is worth it).

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Whiskers Cat Pub

Hungary’s first Cat Pub has four nice cats upstairs, separated with a door and a glass wall. So if someone doesn’t have enough time to cuddle them or there is someone in your company who isn’t really keen on meeting them, then they can stay downstairs and enjoy the great craft beers and cocktails while you go up the stairs to meet the cats. ;)

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Crazy Café and Dzsungel Restaurant

If we have to do some errands in the city, near Nyugati railway station, we usually stop for a good craft beer at Crazy Café or for some delicious treats at the neighbouring Dzsungel (Jungle) Restaurant. The latter is one of our favourite spots, not only because you can see fishes and other unique and exotic animals there but because some of their names can be found on the menu card, among the funny named dishes, too.

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