Posted by Bálint Gábor Dömök · Apr 21, 2014

The new predator of Mercedes-Benz, the coupe version of S-Class is on its (high)way. When you hear the word coupe, you can easily think about something fast, light and even something minor. In the case of speed you're right. But now you're seriously wrong about weight and size.


Look at those eyes. That unsparing look they give everybody else on the road... Every other car get to the nearside lane! No wonder about that. This car includes the similar engine that the four-door sedan version has, that 4.7 litre V8 block with almost 500 horsepower. Scary. It's more than enough to move such a huge and massive vehicle like this – probably even in vertical angle. Well, at least it's enough to you to reach 100 kph in less than 5 seconds. So if you're in a rush, you know what to do – of course only where it's legal.

For now only one version will be available named S500 Coupe. There are going to be even more powerful versions, but the plans of ones with lower performance are unknown yet.


Looking at the shapes can easily make you think this is a lightweight, compact contraption. Those are optical effects only. With the lenght of more than 5, the width of almost 2 and the height of 1.4 metres this beast is truly enormous. Okay, probably not as big as a 1968 Cadillac DeVille, but hey, that's a tank, not a car. The well designed wheels are proportionately big enough, even if it isn't really obvious on the photos.

It's pretty important to you to know that this elegant monster isn't just a simple S-Class Mercedes limousine without the two backdoors. The level of the chassis is much more close to the road. The front of the car is more like the CLA manufactured in the city of Kecskemét, Hungary. The taillights are almost completely similar to last year's concept, and there are several other minor changes. We could say the look of the S500 Coupe is more similar to a classic sports car than a top modern street coupe.


Let's take a look inside! The interior is from the four-door version with leather covering, including the sharp looking digital dashboard, only with a changed upper part and a different kind of sports steering wheel. A dash with analogue objects would have been much more suitable to a car like this with those elegant, classic shapes. At least you can't say it's out of date. How the heck could it be out of date? Of course, they have integrated the Magic Body Control system into the coupe version too. This system analyzes the condition of the road in front of you, and sets the attributions of the spirals and the sprung elements suitable to the driving conditions. Considering this you can feel more than comfortable and safe in this massive cage.


There is something else you need to know about this baby. You can order it with a pretty expensive but not too useful extra component. Now hear that: Swarovski crystals in the headlights! 47 pieces. This is not German at all. I could imagine those in an Italian star hairdresser's convertible, but not in Nicholas Van Orton's (Michael Douglas – The Game) business coupe. A group of people call this an extravagant option, another says it's a ridiculous show-off. And I can't blame the second group at all.


Whatever you call it, looks flashy, isn't it? The first premiere of Mercedes-Benz S Coupe has been held in Geneva in March, but it will be available only after June. A monstrous big, sportscar-like business coupe with classy elegance and a sexy aura. Can you feel it? How about a test drive?

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