Párisi Court is renewing: will be wonderful by 2018
Posted by Budnews · Jun 2, 2017

 The last shopping court from the beginning of the 20th century is going through renovation.

If you took a walk at Ferenciek Square in the past few years, you may have wondered: what is going on in that beautiful building on the corner. Well, that’s Párisi Court a.k.a. Brudern House, a historic style (former) residential and office building. It was originally the headquarter of Downtown Saving Bank and now a hotel is moving into the building – that’s the reason of the renovation. Its downstairs interior is called the Parisian court, which is the only shopping hall in Budapest from the beginning of the 20th century that still exists.

During the renovation, the designers used the original plans of the former architect, Henrik Schmahl, and also relied on archaeological research and building diagnostic studies. Thanks to this effort, we will meet the most beautifully reconstructed works of that age by entering the passage: Miksa Róth's glass windows, Villeroy & Boch tiles, Haas and Somogyi's Luxfer glasses, wrought iron works made by Gyula Jungfer. The famous crystal dome will bring the natural light even to the basement, thanks to the prismatic elements of the floor.

Other impressive components of the courtyard will be the authentically restored interior shops, the decorative cast iron double staircase and the central domed floor. This latter will be the home of the hotel's reception, lobby and two small shops. A bar-restaurant-confectionery gourmet promenade will also join in, which will use the long section between the two dome as terrace.

The owners promise: the reconstruction works will be ready for next summer and the lobby, the Párisi court remains open for all of us.

Check out more pictures about the construction here.

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