The „coolest” craziness has arrived: ice cream made at -197 °C
Posted by Budnews · Jun 5, 2017

Rocketice ice cream is freezed with nitrogen for the super-creamy texture.

Finally, Rocketice has arrived to Budapest, to be exact: to the street food heaven: Karaván. Fine, but it’s just ice cream, right? Well, no. This ice cream is made at -197 degree! The secret is in a nitrogen-filled bottle from which the -197-degree nitrogen flows through a dispensing head straight into KitchenAid's bowl. In the bowl, the ingredients of the ice cream are already mixed, just in liquid state. Then the nitrogen begins to flow. The cold, creepy fog coming from the Rocketice kiosk is just as if we’re experimenting in a laboratory. So is there nitrogen in my ice cream? Yes. But don’t worry: nitrogen is a natural substance that helps in refrigerating and makes the ice cream more creamy by decomposes for smaller parts in molecular level.

One portion of Rocketice is about 160 grams and they have 7 flavors. That doesn’t seem too much, but don’t think about some kind of boring lemon-chocolate-vanilla selection. They have „Popcorneo”, which has popcorn, caramel and buttery taste at the same time, Apple cramble (cinnamon apple, caramel and biscuit), Thai Pie mango (buttercake and coconut milk), and Chucky Chew (banana, salty hazelnut and chocolate drops) just to mention our favorites. It costs 850 - 1200 HUF, which is an average price for that amount of ice cream.

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