Hungarian buildings got international recognition recently
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jun 7, 2017

One edifice is on TripAdvisor’s recent list about the top 25 landmarks of the world, the other two buildings received important architectural awards.

We can’t stop writing about the lists we can read Budapest’s name on, so we can proudly announce a new one: TripAdvisor’s recent compilation, ‘Top 25 Landmarks of the world’ contains the Parliament Building in Budapest, too, it can be found as 14th on their list.

‘It dominates the Danube River bank. They illuminated it as light with thousands of lights. The seagulls that were after bugs looked like fireworks or glittering stars’ – as they cite the pretty poetic review of Robert S from California.

We can be proud of two more remunerated buildings in Budapest: Váci 1 in Vörösmarty Square and Castle Bazaar got FIABCI’s Heritage protection award. We think both buildings are quite good choice, worth remunerating. Congratulations!


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