3+1 great outdoor hangouts with live music
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jun 8, 2017

The best summer evenings come with cold drinks, nice street food, your best friends’ good company and - if you choose these places to hang out - with some live music, too.


I was walking the other day at Erzsébet Square and I was wondering where could I have a glass of wine and, in the meantime, enjoy some live music. Well, coincidence or not, but that was the moment when I saw a guitarist preparing for his performance at Prosit Bistro & Bar, in the neighbourhood of Fröccsterasz. The music was really good, just like the wine- and food offer in Prosit. It is absolutely worth visiting and returning.

Address: 5th district, Erzsébet Square 13.


If you follow the news from Hungary, you might remember that Red Hot Chili Peppers visited an outdoor hangout place in Budapest and they listened to a Hungarian band’s concert. Well, it happened at Pontoon, where you can also have a beer, listen to some nice live music and chill out after a busy day. You can even kick off your shoes because you will find some nice sand at the Danube bank. Their next big party I suggest you to participate at is called ‘Terrace Party S04e03 - Love is the Message’ and it will be organized on 9 June. Invite your friends, too, and don’t miss it.

Address: 5th district, Id. Antall József Quai 1.

Zsiráf / Giraffe

Zsiráf can be found at one of the most frequented areas in the city, more precisely, it is right at Nyugati Railway Station. And beyond good location, they have good drinks – try fröccs or lemonade, you won’t be disappointed –, and of course really good live music, as well. Next time, Dani Torres will perform here on 22 June, and on 13 July, the Hungarian talent show winner and The Voice US contestant Viktor Király will be their guest.

Address: 6th district, Teréz Boulevard 53.

Csíki Sörplacc / Csíki Beer Terrace

I don’t know how you feel about beer and chimney cakes but if you like both, just like I do, I must warmly suggest you to visit Csíki Beer Terrace. Opened just a couple of weeks ago at Bálna Terrace, this place offers you tasty and toothsome Transylvanian treats, for ex. chimney cake fondue and the real Csíki Beer. Besides the gastronomic pleasures, you can enjoy the amazing panorama and soon live concerts, as well.

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