10 things you shouldn’t miss this summer in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Jun 9, 2017

Summer has finally arrived, so it’s time to do everything you wanted to in the cold days of winter.

Picnic at the closed Liberty Bridge: After last year’s success, Liberty Bridge will be closed from car traffic several times this summer. In 2017, pedestrians can enjoy the bridge on four weekends: between June 17-18. and 24-25; August 5-6. and 12-13. Based on last years’ experience: it would be a sin to miss the opportunity to picnic, drink and chat on the bridge. And yes, the panorama is breathtaking.


Rooftop Cinema: Why would you sit in an airless movie theater if you can watch movies open air? For example at Budapest Rooftop Cinema (BRC), which is the concept of a creative group dealing with outdoor/rooftop movie club organizing, and takes place on the terrace rooftop of Corvin Club for the fourth year.

Try a strange vehicle at Margaret Island. Most people visit Margaret Island to run, have a picnic or because of the beautiful music fountain, but if you’re already there: take a ride. You can rent multiple types of vehicles on the island, which will surely makes you feel like a child: mini velocipedes, chopper, electric bike or the thing on the picture that called “bringóhintó”.

Try an open air concert venue: When it comes to summer parties, do not only think of festivals! Budapest has lots of open-air concert venues, which are open from late May to early September. For example, Kobuci garden, where are giant parties despite the small homely environment, or visit Budapest Park, the biggest open air concert venue, the classic one.

Instead of a hot thermal bath, chose a beach or aquapark: Hungary is famous for its spas and thermal water, but in the summer season maybe you should choose something cooler (or a thermal bath with beach facilities. Choose either the classic Palatinus Beach, which is among the World's 10 best outdoor swimming pools or Aquaworld Budapest Aquapark, which is called “water empire”.

Visit an exciting program of the Budapest Summer Festival that is the biggest cultural event in the country. Latest plays, world famous artists and unforgettable summer nights characterize the biggest open-air stages for more than 3 months.

Have a brunch on a downtown terrace. Perhaps there is no better thing in the world than to sit on the cozy terrace of a bakery on a beautiful summer morning, eat fresh pastry and watch the passers-by. The downtown is literally filled with this kind of places, so you don’t even have to search for long.

Have a boat trip on the Danube: There are many cruise ship companies who offer sightseeing boat trips in Budapest. During the 1 or 2 hour long trip, you will see the main attractions while enjoying the water. In fact, even the Budapest Transport Center has its own ships: lines D11, D12 and D14 are all refers to official routes. And we left the best one to the end: the cruise ship, which runs on the land as a bus, then targets the water...

Visit Kopaszi dam: Although Budapest is built in waterfront, but gives very little opportunity to enjoy the proximity of the Danube. One of these few opportunities is Kopaszi dam, which is located in the southern part of the Buda side, under the Rákóczi Bridge. It’s one of the most popular recreational venues and not by chance. Here can be found everything what it takes to relax. Small restaurants, cafes, terraces and playgrounds were also placed in the ten-hectare green area in the beautiful waterside environment.

Visit Lupa-lake: It’s a beautiful lake in the outskirt of Budapest, the „seashore” of the city. Thanks to a huge investment last year, it became a really cool place to chill. New Lupa Lake is high-end in both sport and gastronomy. Here is the largest water adventure park in the country, the hottest diving center in the region, and even the largest wakeboard complex in the Central European region. In addition, traditional and extreme water sports will be available: paddling, sailing, SUP, surf. They also have cozy deck chairs and an unmistakable atmosphere, so it would be a pity to miss.

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