Best places along River Danube for the summer
Posted by Budnews · Jun 19, 2017

In summer we want to enjoy the proximity of the waterfront as much as possible. Although the city administration made it quite difficult to do so, it is not impossible to find a place where we can enjoy our evening cocktail on the shore. For example at these 3+1 terraces:

Fellini is a phenomenon. Until you didn’t experience sitting here and staring at the Danube at least once, you cannot call yourself a local people. The unique attractiveness of this “culture bistro” are the beach loungers lining up directly on the shore. This is a real summer evening chill place, where people can enjoy the pebbles barefoot. This place is about summer evening conversations, Belgian beers and concerts, because there’s also a small stage set up on the shore with live music in the evening.

Nap bácsi: If you're already in that neighborhood, don’t miss Nap Bácsi. It's very similar to Fellini both in design and atmosphere, but they call themselves a „Family-friendly community space on the Danube shore”, not a bar or restaurant or cultural venue.

Kopaszi dam is also a must-see in the summer. One of our favorite places is Vak Varjú Beach Bistro, where holiday feeling is given. Although the terrace itself does not go directly to the waterfront, but Danube is only a few meters away, where you can sit freely on the grass and literally dip your toe in the water that has become immaculately clean in recent years.

There is also a waterfront location on the Pest side: Kabin, which opened this year. Kabin is on Népsziget, practically on the opposite of the river than Fellini, and not just the atmosphere, but a part of the people behind it is the same. It's only open for some weeks, but already worth trying!

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