Ütős: where beer and mini-golf come together
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jun 19, 2017

A new spot has opened its gates on Jászai Mari Square, at the Pest side of Margaret Bridge. If you like playing mini-golf, and drinking nice beers, it can be your favourite place in town from now.


New places open in Budapest from time to time, but in my opinion it is quite difficult to be unique and more memorable than others. Well, a new spot called ‘Ütős’ can probably make it, because it is based on a great idea – unites a mini-golf track with a brewery –, it offers creative ‘extreme’ mini golf tracks and the creators already have big plans. They will offer special passes for those who want to return regularly and mini golf competitions will be organized, as well.

The name ‘Ütős’ is great because it can refer to someone who has a bat, for example a golf bat, and to a quite strong alcoholic drink, as well.

And one more thing: I have mentioned ‘extreme’ mini golf courses but what does it mean? Well, nothing else than making the ball pass through a skateboard track, a washing machine and a concrete-mixer – just to mention some of the most interesting ‘missions’.

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