Budapest is the 5th most beautiful city in Europe – new voting says
Posted by Budnews · Aug 9, 2017

We show you the stops of the perfect European tour.

Budapest is beautiful. No weeks goes by without a new article, poll, voting or award where Budapest is in the top 5-10 from a certain aspect. This week’s great news is that Travel and Leisurewebsite asked its readers (they do so every year) about the most beautiful cities in Europe, and guess what: we are the 5th on the list!

The readers shared their travel experiences and rank cities by different aspects: their landmarks, culture, cuisine, friendliness, shopping and overall value. And our fifth position is really a big recognition, because the first four cities are all Italian and Spanish tourist hubs:

The top 15 cities in Europe:

1. Florence, Italy

2. Rome, Italy

3. Barcelona, Spain

4. San Sebastian, Spain

5. Budapest, Hungary

6. Siena, Italy

7. Seville, Spain

8. Krakow, Poland

9. Porto, Portugal

10. Lisbon, Portugal

11. Prague, Czech Republic

12. Venice, Italy

13. Edinburgh, Scotland

14. Istanbul, Turkey

15. Madrid, Spain

So if you haven’t been on holiday yet, we warmly recommend a European tour based on this list ;)

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