Budapest below our feet: colorful tiles of the city
Posted by Budnews · Aug 23, 2017

All of you know the main sights of the city, that’ s clear. And that’s why we now try to highlight something, that although is constantly before our eyes, but still invisible.

Budapest is filled with wonderful small details, which we barely notice. The beautiful tiles of last century’s block houses are exactly like this. The roots of this technique and style came from Spain and Portugal, but the most common cement-based coatings have been developed in France. And they unite here, in Hungary.

The technique had many advantages: each hall could be made unique, durable and beautiful but it was also a cheap solution. If we take a closer look on what we’re walking on, we can see that different solutions were used by architects and builders of the last century when it came to tiling the staircases. It was common to use mosaic-like terrazzo, cement tiles, or even mettlachi. The patterns are almost infinite, ranging from classic Greek forms to geometric patterns to blossoms or animals. Mostly we find them in the historic, eclectic and Art Nouveau buildings in the city, ant they worth the effort to search for them:

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