Can you guess which Hungarian wine region has impressed the Brits lately?
Posted by Mia Balogh · Aug 30, 2017

These wines are modestly referred to as ‘the Hungarian wonder’ in London.

According to, the well-known Tokaj wines have been one of the most popular products on the British market this year: the characteristic flavours can be found in restaurants, hotels, pubs and supermarkets, as well.

For example in the Lidl chain, which markets special wines from all over the world, one of the most in-demand products is a medium sweet Tokaj sparkling wine. The bottles are sold for 6.99 pounds and are kept count of as a ‘real discovery from Hungary’. Wines from this region are modestly called ‘the Hungarian wonder’ in London, and are available in more and more spots in the city, from small pubs to Michelin starred restaurants.

Why are these wines so popular there these days? Because Brits like the characteristic taste, the natural freshness and the good quality of these beverages – not to forget about the fact that these wines can be consumed separately or as a silky aperitif.

Did you know?

The Tokaj wine region was introduced to the UK in 2000 when the Hungarian ambassador gave a 100-year-old Tokaj aszú wine to the majesty’s chancellor for the 100th birthday of the Queen Mother. She later thanked the kindness of the Hungarian government and the commercial house and added: ‘finally a useful gift’.

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