Gal Gadot to film ‘Deeper’ in Budapest?
Posted by Mia Balogh · Oct 4, 2017

‘Wonder Woman’ star Gal Gadot is reportedly in talks to appear alongside Bradley Cooper in ‘Deeper’.

As we have already mentioned in a previous article, Bradley Copper will star in an upcoming movie, ‘Deeper’ which will be directed by the Hungarian helmer Kornél Mundruczó. Filming will begin in January 2018 in Budapest and it is obvious for us that a Hollywood movie like this also needs a beautiful actress as the female protagonist.

Well, the gorgeous lady in ‘Deeper’ might be ‘Wonder Woman’ star Gal Gadot, who is reportedly in talks to play in the movie. The 32-year-old actress is wanted to appear alongside Bradley Cooper on the big screen by MGM, too, but we don’t know what will happen if the works of ‘Wonder Woman 2’ would be in the same time as the filming of ‘Deeper’ – let’s hope there will be no obstacle for Gal Gadot to appear in Mundruczó’s new thriller.

‘Deeper’ – being produced by Max Landis and David Goyer – will tell us the story of a former astronaut, played by Bradley Cooper, who has been hired to take a submersible to the deepest part of the ocean. As you might think, our hero must face some unexpected ‘supernatural’ events en route to his destination. As he descends to the deep, we suppose to descend to his memories and discover his secrets.

After four nominations, it might be the time for Bradley Cooper to win an Oscar. It would be so nice if a Hungarian director would help him in that. ‘Deeper’ will be filmed in the first four months of 2018 in Budapest. So we will have some time for an encounter and some possible selfies with the protagonist(s) in our beautiful capital. ;)

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