Hungarian doctors invented the life-saving smartwatch
Posted by Budnews · Oct 9, 2017

Apple’s iwatch is nothing compared to MAP.

In the 21th century one of the biggest issues of the western societies is the healthcare. While people become more conscious about their body, the health-care system has many problems in every country. Now a new Hungarian invention enters this market. MAP (Measure, Analyze, Predict) Health Watch developed by Hungarian doctors is a smartwatch, but instead of showing your latest emails, it shows your health condition. The world’s first health watch contains 5 clinical-grade sensors capable of measuring 6 vital signs around the clock. These 5 special indicators can predict the most common life-threatening diseases and the watch has specific sensors for each.

  • Blood pressure: Blood pressure calculated by pulse wave and ECG is essential to predict intracerebral hemorrhage or stroke.
  • ECG: Electrocardiography shows the condition of the heart and indicates the development of the common heart diseases such as arrhythmia and heart attack.
  • Heart rate variability: HRV analysis is a must, to control the status of your circulatory system and to indicate states such as shock or dehydration even before you realize the symptoms.
  • Movement/shock: Track when you are at rest, walking or running, as well as sudden shocks, such as falls or even road accidents.
  • Skin temperature: The most important indicator to detect infectious diseases to control phenomenons such as viral and bacterial infections and influenza.
  • Galvanic skin response: The measure of autonomic nervous system activity. Indicator of the stress response to control anxiety, and epilepsy.

By measuring a total of six vital signs with medical grade sensors, the MAP Health Watch is able to provide richer patient data than doctors have ever had access to before. Simply wearing the MAP Health Watch allows to collect and process medical data in real time and respond immediately in the event of any issue of concern. If the algorithm recognizes any known pattern of a developing disease, the system notifies you and the medical team provides instant and tailored advice. And even if everything is okay, a designated doctor will assess your recorded data on a regular basis and give you medical and lifestyle advice to help you stay healthy. But the watch also has an emergency button, so if something happens, the users can instantly get medical help. The team of MAP Health Watch is now applying for FDA approval and CE certification as a medical device, and it’s already available in pre-order on Indiegogo. We really hope they make it, because this watch is one of the most useful thing ever.

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