5 most beautiful places for an autumn trip
Posted by Budnews · Oct 16, 2017

There are two types of people: those who literally blossom at spring and those who prefer the calm red beauty of autumn. The nature is at least as beautiful when leaf falls than when flowers bloom. In fact, these 5 places are even more beautiful at fall.

1. „Living museum” on Sas hill.

This beauty is only 250 meters far from the city border and is actually a real 'living museum' on top of a mountain built with residential homes. Its specialty is that we can see plant species from the ice age here, so we have to be super careful about our steps: wouldn’t be lucky to accidentally wipe out something.

2. János hill and „Libegő”.

The chair lift and the Erzsébet lookout tower are the most popular attractions of the Buda hills. Trivia fact: the Erzsébet lookout tower is the highest point of Budapest, it’s 527 meters above sea level.

3. Normafa

is most popular in winter, because it has the only genuine ski resort in Budapest, but it’s also a nice tourist attraction during autumn. This magnificent wooded hilltop is the city's most beautiful lookout point, one favorite picnic place of Hungarian artists of the last century. If you’re already there, don’t miss Anna meadow and Fairy rock.

4. Wildlife Park Budakeszi is definitely a must-see!

The primary function of this park is to present the native wild species of Hungary and Europe in their natural environment. This enclosed area of more than three hundred acres offers interesting and meaningful programs throughout the year. Autumn is a good time to visit, because baby animals are bigger now, and the mothers aren’t so protective.

5. Walks in the city:

If you’re not into hills, visit one of the beautiful botanical gardens of the city. Budapest has two places, where we can get away from everyday lifestyle: there is Buda Arboretum, which is part of the Buda campus of the Corvinus University and is primarily a showroom; the other one is the well-known Füvészkert, which is one of the special educational units of the ELTE on the Pest side.

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