Street food places for fish fans
Posted by Budnews · Oct 31, 2017

Street food is no longer hotdog and hamburger. This may be evident to many, but now we have discovered a special subgroup within the street food category: fish bars.


Halkakas was the first fish bistro in town. They are now moving from Veres Pálné Street to Dohány Street, so they’re closed for a short time. All their raw materials are fresh and Hungarian, they don’t have frozen products. It is also important to note: don’t count on the traditional Hungarian flavor, in Halkakas there is no classic fish soup. But they do have smoked trout salad, catfish gyros, and the inimitable „crunchy carp”.


They started as a food truck, then continued with home delivery and now, at the beginning of October, their own food bar has opened. Shrimpy Food Truck originally made different shrimp food, but of course, now they have many other dishes. Coriander salmon fillet, king crabs in buttery-green curry sauce, sea fish soup, seasoned burgers and the basic fish & chips are all made in their kitchen.

Hellohal Fishbar

Hellohal concept comes from a little town, Tiszaörvény, but now the capital has its own unit. The fish bar awaits with „classic” street food fish dishes and also HelloHal specialties. We love this place, because Hellohal is not just a restaurant but also a campaign that promotes the gastronomic value of Hungarian freshwater fishes. And of course, they have the raw materials from domestic suppliers.

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