The most beautiful building of City Park is being renewed: Olof Palme house soon become something really cool
Posted by Budnews · Dec 5, 2017

Not only the name will be different. The beautiful building „returns” with a completely new function.

The biggest urban design project of these years reached another milestone. The newest step of Liget Project (the renewing of City Park) is the renovation of Olof Palme House, the beautiful building next to Kertem ruin pub. The restoration work of the nearly 1,200 square meter big building starts in December, considering the original architectural plans. Architects will remove the attachments of the past decades and the main entrance will open to Hermina Road again, where a rose garden will be created with 5000 roses on 2500 square meters.

The richly decorated Olof Palme house was built in 1885, and its renovation was timely: the most beautiful building of Liget is in critical condition. It is planned to be reopened after the renovation in 2019 as the Millennium House and will host an interactive exhibition about the turn of 19-20th century. The exhibition will present the „happy times of peace” before the first world war, and will also have a special coffee house with the atmosphere of old times.

The exhibition will feature a huge city model of more than 100 square meters, which brings back all the small moments of the turn of the century with the help of augmented reality technologies. The renovation is expected to last until 2019.

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