A38-MVM Lightroom
Posted by Katalin Török · May 19, 2014

Space and optical illusions, contemporary visual design language and VJ-culture in Hungary – if these key-words got you excited, you’re the target audience of A38’s Lightroom series, sponsored by MVM (Hungarian Power Companies). Don’t miss Zsolt László Bordos’s projections this week.

photo: http://3dvideomapping.wordpress.com

A38’s exhibition space turns into something surreal this week. Led by 3D artist Zsolt László Bordos, one of the eminent representatives of video projection mapping, virtual and real spaces will collide, making the audience feel they’re participating at an extravagant journey. Working with virtual content carried by light projected on real, 3 dimensional subjects (such as buildings or room surfaces), he creates the illusion of a whole new world, where anything is possible.

Zsolt László Bordos is one of the first few, who started experimenting with 3D in the 2000s, and after a few years of VJ-ing, he became internationally famous for participating in light shows all around the globe. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest and at MediaLab UIAH (University of Art and Design) in Helsinki. Now, he has his own company: Bordos.ArtWorks, which created the first, high resolution 3D animations for high resolution indoor- and outdoor projections in Hungary. You could meet his works at festivals (for example at Sziget Festival, or at the Night of Lights@Museum of Fine Arts), during different celebrations – such as the Opening Ceremony of the Hungarian EU Presidency, or the closing event of the Hungarian EU Council Presidency.


Palace of Arts, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the dome of the Planetarium, the Eiffel Tower, Atlantis Dubai (Palm Jumeirah Island), the Art Museum of Timisoara (Romania) – these are some examples of the places Bordos.ArtWorks has proved its magic.


Whoever had ever been a part of one of these 3D mapping shows will never forget the captivating, yet all at once a tad puzzling feeling these events give you. It makes you wonder where the limits of technology are, and leaves you breathless.

photo: http://3dvideomapping.wordpress.com

20-24 May, you can join the journey for free, at the exhibition room of A38 - each evening from 8 pm on.

For more information visit the event’s A38 site or go to Bordos.ArtWorks’ homepage.

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