Hungarians abroad: these are the most Hungarian cities in the world
Posted by Budnews · Apr 13, 2020

As you can not come to Hungary for a long time, let's see if you live in one of those cities, where the Hungarian diaspora is large, thus you can enjoy the Hungarian cuisine and culture from home!

Unfortunately, this year it's unlikely that many of you will get to Hungary, so we are trying to show you alternatives to feel the Hungarian culture a little closer to you. That is why we have gathered the biggest cities, where there are a lot of Hungarians and so you can find Hungarian restaurants, shops, programs and communities relatively easily. If you live in one of these, you are in luck!

In addition to the Carpathian Basin, most Hungarian people live in the following places:


Half of the 350,000 "English Hungarians" live in the capital, London, which means that London is the 5th largest Hungarian city in the world! There are also estimates that says it is second on this imaginary list after Budapest, because probably there are even more Hungarian people in London than the statistic says. In terms of Hungarian population, the first Scottish city on the list is Edinburgh, which is the 10th largest "Hungarian settlement" in the United Kingdom.


Nearly half of the Hungarians in Western Europe chose Germany, and 75 percent of the approximately 120,000 Hungarians live in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse. Roughly 80% of the members of the Hungarian ethnic group in Germany have been granted German citizenship, which means that there are at least as many people who have settled in the country on a permanent basis.


There is no exact answer to how many Hungarians may live in the United States at present, but it is estimated that there may be more than one and a half million Hungarians who consider the United States their home. Although the American Hungarians are mostly live in small diaspora, but there are still real Hungarian islands, where the local Hungarians form a larger group. Most Hungarian, nearly 200,000 people live in Ohio, including tens of thousands in Cleveland.


Another American city with big Hungarian colony: according to the latest statistical statement, which is now a few years old, there are 72,920 Hungarian-speaking individuals from Greater Hungary living in and around Chicago. This means that Chicago is the seventh largest Hungarian city in the world!

Buenos Aires

There are Hungarians in all South American countries, but most people are estimated to have settled in Argentina, with approximately 40 to 50,000 Hungarian people living here, mostly in Buenos Aires. Although the self-identity and language skills of the Hungarian descendants are uncertain in many cases, the organization is still the strongest here. It is estimated that about 10% of South American Hungarians participate in Hungarian community life regularly.

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