Don Doko Don: new Japanese fast food heaven in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Mar 6, 2018

First Donburi place of Budapest opened its doors.

Asian cuisine is more and more popular, and there are countless Asian fast-food restaurants in the city. But finding a good one is harder than it should be. Fortunately, the newest Japanese fast food restaurant, Don Doko Don knows something unique: they sell a special Japanese food, the so-called Donburi. This is one of the most popular dishes in Tokyo dining, at least as essential to Japanese gastronomy as ramen or curry rice. Donburi is basically a bowl of rice with roasted meat and vegetables, and it is poured with a special „soup” made from dashi (broth), mirin (sweet Japanese rice wine) and soy sauce. This is a very basic, minimalist dish, so it’s a perfect choice even if you don’t like complex, spicy flavors or if you are just getting acquainted with the region's gastronomy.

Don Doko Don at Kálvin Square has 3 different Donburis: classic with beef (gyu-don - 1000 HUF), pork meat (kakuni-don - 1000 HUF) and vegetarian (sicsu-don - 900 HUF). Each of them can be made in small or large portion, and we can also ask for a menu (1450 HUF), which includes a niku-man (dumpling filled with pork meat) and a drink or miso soup. The place opened in January, but it’s the best of its kind from the first day. Unfortunately, Don Doko Don became so popular in some weeks, that they have to close around 15 o’clock, because they sell everything they have. The expansion of their kitchen and resources has already begun, but until then, you better hurry!

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