Country's first Sekler Cake pastry shop opened its doors
Posted by Budnews · Aug 10, 2018

Everything here is about this special sweetness.

If you’re interested in culinary topics and curiosities, you’ve probably heard about the Hungarian Kürtős kalács, the Sekler cake. This cake is prepared by wrapping a strip rolled from sweet dough around a thick wooden tool, then it’s scrolled in sugar a few times, and finally baked golden brown over charcoal embers. In doing so, the sugar adhered to the Sekler Cake is being caramelized and forms bright, crispy coating. The cake can be flavored in numerous ways: we can cover it for example with crushed nuts, cocoa, vanilla or cinnamon powder.

Now this cake has its own „temple”: `Édes Mackó` Pastry Shop at Zoo Budapest, where they prepare earthy and heavenly delicacies made with charcoal baked Sekler Cake, just like the well-known Kürtős Bearing and Creamy Kürtős, and they also have some new specialties, like the Kürtős pudding, the Floating Island with Kürtős Chunks or the Cream of wheat with Kürtős chunks.

Beside these Sekler cake based delicacies, we can drink delicious and healthy handmade dairy products (raspberry milk, chocolate milk, yoghurts), children can also enjoy a variety of syrups and flavorful lemonades (mango, raspberry), while for moms, dads, and grandmothers, coffee specialties and various refreshments can give power for keeping up with the kids in the ‘Holnemvolt’ Palace at the Zoo.

Although ‘Holnemvolt’ Palace entrance is available on a reachable price of 1000 Huf/pers., and the playground can be visited with the Zoo ticket too, those who do not want to buy tickets can also enjoy the `Édes Mackó` Pastry Shop’s Sekler Cake specialties. The `Édes Mackó` Pastry Shop is also open on the Zoo street (vis-à-vis to the ‘Széchenyi Thermal Bath), so anybody can make a stop for a fantastic Sekler Cake.

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