Unique restaurant in the heart of Castle Garden Bazaar
Posted by Budnews · May 6, 2019

Breathtaking view and delicious food. Two things that Bazaar Eclectica is invincible in.

If you're in Budapest, you'll probably visit Várkert Bazár (Castle Garden Bazaar), this beautiful place under the Buda Castle. But did you know that there is an elegant bistro in the middle of it? Well there is, with a large terrace, elegantly minimal style, and varied, tasty food.

Bazaar Eclectica has mesmerizing view and delicious food. They have varied, multicultural menu that changes in every season. There are some huge classics, that remain the same, but side dish, colors and other ingredients change regularly even in this case. The assortment is bistro-like, so the menu fits comfortably on a one sided paper, yet there is goose-liver paste with rose jam and brioche, lemon curd dumplings, raspberry soup, duck breast enriched with apple-celery-arugula salad and with cheesy gratin potatoes. Hungarian people love it's brave experiments, while tourists shouldn't miss out the re-thought Hungarian dishes.

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